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Currently the project e-xiliad@s has the participation of a doctoral student, Mauricio Escobar of the University of Granada (Spain) Migration Studies, who is carrying out his doctoral thesis on the return of the Republican exiles (whether women, men and children or their descendants). It does not matter if that return was temporary or permanent.

We have launched an online questionnaire to gather information about this return and analyse it from various perspectives like: entry strategies, return period(s), access routes, travel organisation, adaptation back in Spain, etc. Put simply, anyone who had or has a relationship with a person who returned from exile, whether or not they are relatives, and is interested in offering information about the individual(s), can do so through the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/SfR2i1hQaRn9BLbp1

Sharing information helps us all to gain a better perspective and understanding on the exile and return of these individuals, and in recovering the memory of the Republican exile.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Lidia Bocanegra

E-xiliad@s Project Director